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Palé offers Paellas to deliver or pick up

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To all our guests and Friends


On behalf of all Team Palé, specially from Carlos and Massimo and María, we would like to wish you all the best in this situation, we miss you all and hope you are all alright and healthy.


Palé has always been an enterprise that cared about quality, the correct storage and a correct cleaning process of the raw materials, cleanliness of the facilities and to give you the best cooked and presented dish.

We also work hardly to make you feel at home when you are at Palé, because that is what our restaurant is all about, being a second home for all of you.

Palé has for a time to close its doors to our big living room, but the hearth of the business still beats, symbolically and literally.

Our kitchen is still committed to creating a healthy, delicious and safe food distribution for our community.

We decided to serve three different variations of Paella at the moment, a dish that we already have a lot of experience delivering and so you can try out something new from the hands of our Chef Massimo and María.


We will be delivering lakeside every day but Sunday and Monday from 1 to 8 pm, you can also pick up the product but we encourage you to stay at home.

From 1 to 3 portions the paella will be transported in a paper container, from 4 portions onwards we will serve it on the actual paella pan and pick it up the next day, we also can serve them in vacuum sealed bags if that is your choice.

The process of making a paella from scratch takes about one hour so we encourage you to call us in advance.


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