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I contacted Shaw via a Chat with Technical support. After much data back & forth he stated that the LNB was very old & needed replacement? Its 10yrs old. I asked how this same LNB was supplying perfect reception to another set-up in the bedroom at the same time. I could only get our TV rm set-up to display the guide but without the preview window. It was solid black & unable to access any guide items. Message on all channels "The Receiver has lost the Satellite Signal" Help! all were unavailable? I understand that Xku band LNB is for the new Satellites which we can not reach here. Anyone know were I get a newer 2 Band LNB to test?


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If your receiver is the 600 or 800 series, you should have no problem. This suggests the box is borked. Shaw is assuming you are in Canada, of course, and they have pushing the new LNBs to death (as you know, won't work here anyway). If yours works on one box and not another, it needs repair or replacement. You might ask Mike Merryman, or take it to Jose Teleservicios Calverio in San Juan Cosala: they have been able to fix some, not others; I would guess they can only handle the electronics of it, not the internal settings.

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