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Today we open for Home Delivery ONLY

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My role as a chef and a restaurant owner is a difficult one right now as we all struggle to strike a balance and be socially responsible during this global pandemic. I have a clear responsibility to my employees who look to me to help them earn a living to support their families; many of these employees have been with me for many years. I also feel a responsibility to my customers many of whom are friends (and many of whom do not cook). AND as a chef I know the importance of eating nutritional balanced healthy food (we are NOT going to keep our immune systems up by consuming a steady diet of ramin noodles and mac n cheese.

SOOOOO I have taken this last week - paid my employees to stay at home (except for a few staff meetings in which I have asked to their input) and been crafting some guidelines, menus and a business plan.

Although my ad in the Guad Reporter this week says I will offer take out orders. I have decided NOT to include that service. In my opinion it encourages customers to not stay at home and my goal is to keep you all safe and I am in full support of the recent statement from the Mexican Health Authority for everyone to stay at home.

Currently I WILL be providing delivery service starting Wednesday April 1st. Details are in the following attachment. 100% of the fee for delivery goes to employees in an effort to help them survive this situation1612950243_DeliveryHoursApril2020.jpg.98a7a49aab8e1e6d5f2928d17f759297.jpg

statement of safety.jpg

Home delivery.jpg

home menu 1.5.jpg



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Thank you all for your support! Yesterday was our first day offering our DELIVERY ONLY service. I was happy to see that many are making use of the Immune Boosting Soups (some ordering a variety of them in Liter sizes (as well as some yummy desserts). Of course we will not know from day to day how things might change Lakeside but I will continue to provide you with delicious healthy food as long as I am allowed to. It was also wonderful yesterday to speak on the phone with many of my favorite customers as well as some new friends


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we have found a way to accommodate credit card sales. I know a lot of you are having a problem with long lines at ATMs and banks closed. So yesterday we tested a work around. As I mentioned our credit card processor only allows us to use physical cards not on line manual entry of credit card numbers. If you want to use your credit card here is how we can accommodate you:
1/ When you place your order you need to give us your wifi password.
2/ when we deliver at your home we will connect to your wifi.
3/ You need to give us your card (some yesterday slid it under the door)
4/ we can then process the card and slide it back under the door to you (or if you are comfortable with face to face delivery hand it back to you as we do at the restaurant).
The cash system has Abraham not touching cash (it is all in envelopes) this system requires him to wear gloves to touch your card - which he then replaces with fresh ones before dealing with another delivery. We tested this with customers yesterday and so can offer it as an alternative IF you wish.
Just trying to make this as easy as we can for you all.
Again I recommend you ordering several meals at a time. All meals and soups are freezable and designed to be reheated. We are reacting day to day with government guidelines and can NOT predict how long we will be permitted to provide services as things progress and the pandemic becomes more serious
Please stay safe we will get thru this together
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Well because you have all been such good children (staying in time out) Papa Bobby has decided you deserve a special treat LOL Today (Saturday) I am offering Lobster Thermidor on our delivery menu as a extra special treat! If we must stay in, why not be a little extravagant.. ($450)


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After a lot of careful consideration I have decided that I will be offering Easter Dinner this coming Sunday as a delivery only option. I will be posting details on a separate thread. Because of logistics for delivery it will by pre-order ONLY with a limited number of servings.

We are only taking only 40 orders.. Orders taken no later than Friday.
Please place your orders early as of course the early orders will have more options on delivery times.
I thank each of you for your understanding and support. Easter is a time of hope. We will get thru this very difficult time together with better days ahead. THIS is not a time to relax our distancing practices. Stay safe. Stay at home. REMEMBER "April Distance Means May Existence"


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