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Official Chapala statement

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Official summary of Chapala Mayor's friday night video. We are working to speedup the turnaround time---Harry Bublin
The Municipality has instituted a campaign of routine preventive disinfections, with a mixture of
chlorine and vinegar in water, of the Malecon, public buses, playgrounds, and other public areas.
You can help our local economy by buying food and other products produced in our economic zone,
from the small shops of our community.
Thank you all who have respected the voluntary isolation guidelines. We understand that there are
many who have to work to put food on the table day-to-day and that not working is not an option for
you. There is a billion-peso fund at the state level to support small businesses and individuals in need
and the Municipality is providing the information needed by individuals who need to apply for this help.
In Chapala no Coroavirus cases have yet been confirmed, in spite of the rumors to the contrary. You can
be sure that as soon as the first case is reported, we will inform everyone so that effective action can be
taken to contain the virus.
The tiangises will continue to be closed and their operators will be eligible for the economic support
mentioned above.
Mexico is in Phase 2. Phase 1 is where the cases of Coronavirus identified have come from outside the
country. Phase 2 is where the virus is spreading from person-to-person within Mexico. Being in Phase 2
is why it is important that we seriously apply the recommendations of self-isolation, etc.
Part of the Municipal government will continue to work behind closed doors. All emergency services
will continue to work.
To avoid panic, stay tuned to the official sources of confirmed information. DonĀ“t pay attention to
unfounded rumors. Stay isolated as much as possible and you will help us get through this problem.
Stay home.

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