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16 hours ago, Elephant said:

Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately I do not read nor speak Spanish and Walmart does not have a button to click to get English - so looks like I will have to go in person which I hate to do at the present time of the Pandemic.


Use google chrome as your browser. Right click on the page and choose translate to English

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Ditto I have great service with same delivery man , always wears a mask, he carries the things to different parts of house so I give him a nice tip, My Chicka also likes him because he always has a treat for her. We are satisfied custom of Walmart delivery service

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12 minutes ago, Dan Hodge said:

Beware!!! Used my debit card for a Walmart delivery and my card was hacked. Eight charges that went through and dozens more that failed. WALMART was the ONLY place the card had been used!!


Sorry your card was hacked. Once again the warning issued by consumer bureaus and financial experts. . Buy things online or in stores with a credit card.  Only use debit cards to withdraw cash at ATM's and the safest ATM's are in bank branches.

Why? Because when a debit card is used the funds leave your account. If there is a problem the bank will need to complete an investigation before returning the money to you if there was fraud.

When there is a problem with a credit card transaction the bank can freeze the charge. You pay no interest and do not owe the money until they finish their investigation. 

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