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Thanks to Maincoons for posting the link.. on the 80 patients study..

I have a relatve who is in the coma in Paris in a military hospital as he was a medic in the fire department in Paris and is being administered an antibiotic and hydroxycloroquine so it sounds like although it is not published, they are trying this out in the miltary hospital my relative is in.

. He is in the coma in a very serious condition so whatever they can try is appreciated. At the end of the second day of treatment, he is breathing a little better.. He is on a ventilator and still in the coma so he is not out of there but at least he is a little better. We will see if he continues to improve.,

 He is 58 and overweight but otherwise in good condition.. Hopefully he will continue to improve and  we will see  if he can be saved.. He has a 4 year old daughter and a wife who is a nurse and would love to know if she has contacted the virus as well but no tests are available uless you are admitted to the hospital so t is wait and see.. Pretty streefull for all nvolved.

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Thanks Kiko. it looks pretty bad still but it is wait and see..Good luck to your family.. Metz was badly hit and they are sending people from that area accross the border in Germany, People from Paris to Tours and other areas to Bordeaux as some hospitals are totally full

An interesting thing.. This relative. had some stomach problems and a diarrea 1 week ago.. they was exhausted for 2 days and achy then his temperature shot upto 40.. Then on the fifthe day he had a cough. They tested him as he is a medic and the test was negative. he ten started having respiratory problems  and in 6 hours he was inconscient.. they tested him again and he was again negatif.. so so much for the testing..

He is treated with thhe experimental concoction and is on his 3rd day of respirator and intensive care. .." He is still in a coma so it is wait and see. His wife can call once a day now  and she and her two children are in total isolation.  

It is pretty scary to hear the tests have a large percentage of false readng and how fast the respiratory problems went.


Ayway these are some of the symptoms to watch for..

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U.S. approved to try on those with the virus.

Question now is if it works, when may Mexico get it and how will we get it individually?

My guess will be we will have to go to one of the private hospitals for it even though it is very cheap now, I doubt it will be in the hospitals here, but however much it is, if it works,it's worth it IMO.


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People would be crazy to treat themself as there is moe to the treatment than one drug and they would remove the medecine from people who need it. No matter what they say it is still eperimental for the virus and no one knows for sure if it works.. hence the approved treatment, Since e have no alternative right now the hospitals are experimenting with it.. 

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