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2 hours ago, More Liana said:

Did I say anything about her isolating, or about me isolating? 

I gave her the choice of doing what she believed is appropriate for her.  She's an informed adult, capable of making decisions about her life.  A family member brings her to work, she doesn't take a bus.  She's a long-time employee (she worked for me for years, when I lived in Morelia the first time, and she came back to work for me when I moved back here over a year ago) who really cares about keeping my house as clean as hers is--hers is spotless.  I left it up to her.    

Have you asked those who posted "no", or "no and no" the same question?  

If it isn't about isolating, what is asking the maid about changing her schedule about? I wasn't attacking you, I was genuinely confused as to the reason you were doing this. And you didn't answer my question. And why would I ask those who simply answered no that question? There are presumably making their decision based upon the decision to isolate, whereas your post just didn't make sense to me. 

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