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Moderator, I'm not sure exactly where to post this. If it is in the wrong place, would you please move it to wherever it belongs? Thank you for allowing the post. Things are very hard right now for the villagers in San Juan Cosala. 

Operation Feed is taking mask orders. Janine Kirkland and Carol Curtis are coordinating mask sales and delivery. The women ventured to Chapala to buy more material and elastic and are sewing like crazy. 50 pesos per mask or contribute a 100 pesos and they will give you one and give another mask to a villager. The value of masks: 1. People move away automatically when you are wearing one 2. The mask reminds you not to touch your face. But now the science is saying masks for everyone may be doing some good. If you want to order masks, let us know. Next delivery will be Monday. Please contact Carol Curtis or Janine Kirkland directly via FB messenger.

Operation Feed is also preparing to help another 100-150 villagers who have lost a way to earn a minimum amount of money. Families that sold food outside their homes, who worked as waiters, who worked as handyman, etc. To purchases a month's food, we need to raise an additional 40,000 pesos. We are aware of the needs of everyone, including the animals, and know that many of you are supporting your gardeners and housekeepers and other charities. That makes it hard to ask for your generosity, but it would make a big difference if you could donate a small amount to help San Juan Cosalá.



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On 3/29/2020 at 4:37 AM, chapalence said:

I'll be picking mine up at Black Coffee, noon on Monday. 

Thanks for sharing!

You're the poster who said you had the virus this winter (due to germ warfare, no less); you should have natural immunity now.  So, why do you need a mask?  Or are you backing off this BS post?



chapalence replied to RCman's topic in Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara

Posted 21 hours ago

This should stir a few folks up, but a large group of us are relatively certain we already had the virus over the winter. In our cases, we were both sick for over two months and all our very competent doctor could tell us was that we had a virus. There are also groups in the U.S. filled with people who believe the same, and all of the members experienced prolonged illnesses outside the norm.
Yes, there are people who would like us to believe this started in a market in Wuhan, but we believe there is a good chance this is the result of biological warfare and the strains have been getting more and more virulent as it has been intentionally spread. Wuhan just happened to get a NOVEL coronavirus that spread across the world uncontrollably.

I'm not here to argue. I won't be back to read what the naysayers write. If I planted a seed that gets people to think, that's all that matters. Stay well and look out for yourselves.



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Thank you to everyone involved in making and delivering masks. We met two of the ladies this morning, and everyone was paying more than their fair share to help. I actually was surprised that I didn't see more people. Carole said they would be back at Black Coffee tomorrow at noon, but if you don't pe-order, I'm not sure they will have enough.

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11 minutes ago, fordtruckman said:

We are to believe that the very contagious covid 19 was lakeside earlier and only a few people had it? Not likely. 

Not likely, for sure.  And someone lakeside had it possibly before anyone in China?   Many people get sick around here and stay sick sometimes for a couple of months, especially without being diagnosed and medicated properly.  As contagious as Covid 19 is, I do not believe anyone had it here and it didn't spread like wildfire.

Per the original post  "good chance this is the result of biological warfare".  Right, and aimed at just a few  lakeside residents and possibly a few groups in the U.S.?   Uh huh!

Too bad the original person that posted this says they won't be back to read our posts.  Why would that be?  Can't imagine...  


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The ladies delivered... to my door.

And perhaps you might want to leave the N95 masks for health care workers on the front lines. These items should have been pulled from Mercado Libre by the government. Just another case of some person trying to take advantage of the public situation and make a profit.

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This is truly a class act. Not only does it keep idle hands busy during this crisis period, but it keeps you healthy, keeps your neighbour healthy, keeps a local healthy, and contributes scads of important money to Operation Feed. This group is to be congratulated.

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They are the flat pleated type with elastic that hooks over your ears. There is no metal strip across the nose. Surprisingly, when you pull the pleats open, this mask fits snugly under your chin and up over the bridge of your nose. It is comfortable with no bulges or air spaces on the sides. Colour me impressed because I have worn the hospital masks with ties and these fit much better.

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