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Phone Scam....AGAIN!

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Just got a call from my "good friend" who kept asking how I'd been, long time, no talk/see, trying to get me to say the name of my dear old friend from Chapala that I haven't heard from, blah, blah, blah.  As the usual "dizzy blonde", I kept saying no, I don't remember, no, I don't recognize your voice, what's your name, etc.  He told me his name was Darrell and he was surprised I didn't remember him.  When I said I have lots of good friends in/from Chapala and I didn't recognize his voice nor name, he hung up on me.

So....they're back.  Just be mindful and don't give out your personal information to these scammers.  We've got enough to worry with right now.  The number he called from was:  333-233-9030 and he had a young American accented voice.

Take care,

Val  :)

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I think I've heard from the same guy, I don't recognize the voice and he proceeds to tell me how we met... at a bar, he is my neighbor, etc.  He says his name is Michael or John or something.  So I play along and say, "Oh Michael I'm so glad you called?  Do you need money??  I'd really like to give you some but I just don't know how to do that with a computer.  So if you could meet me down at the Bank on Plaza of Ajijic, there is a police station right across the street, I just don't feel safe carrying lots of cash around...  Oh, and it turns out, he wants USD and not pesos!  What a jerk.  He sounded to me like an older gringo, not younger one.  How many of those are around here?

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I received my first scam call a week or so ago. He had a very lightly accented voice and was so friendly! Hi, how are you doing, he cooed. I asked who this was and then he really poured on the charm. “Oh, no, I can’t believe you don’t know who this is,” he said with a chuckle. I had just gotten up and had not yet had coffee so I was in no mood to play. I said I sure did know who he was and he was trying to get me to say a name and then we’d chat and hang up but he would call me back and say there’d been an emergency and he needed money which I was supposed to send him. There was a few seconds of silence before he said, “Well, aren’t you the smart one.” I said, “I’m smarter than you are, asshole.” He hung up. 

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My recent scam experience:

I received a text from "Bancomer" asking whether a 855 peso charge from business was valid and if not text back "invalid" ( forgot the Spanish word)

Went to the Bancomer branch a couple days later to ask about it and the manager said it was a fraudulent text

Couple of days later I get a call at home around 5pm from "Bancomer" saying that they  think there is fraudulent activity on my account and in order to not have my account frozen, could I verify certain information over the phone. I stated that I would do no such thing over the phone and that I would go to the branch in the morning. "No, we can verify your information over the phone so that your account won't be frozen"

I didn't go to the branch in the morning and everything was fine with my account.

They were very insistent about trying to get info



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We and several of our neighbors have received calls from a Spanish speaking woman the past couple of days.  She is crying and wants 10000 pesos or she will do something unspeakable to you or a family member.  She has also told people she will come and get your vehicle if you don't pay.   We hung up quickly but in a matter of a few seconds,  she said she wanted our " red" car.  Weird because we do own a red vehicle.   

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