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1 hour ago, artsnob said:

Is there someone I can hire to fix printer problem...


Printer & Cartridge repair Ocampo 32a, 45920 Ajijic, Jal., Mexico

+52 376 766 1788

Repaired a friend's HP deskjet that was not recognizing HP brand expensive new cartridges.  As with my own Canon she couldn't fix it and sent it to Guadalajara and it was repaired and returned. Take someone else to circle block as parking is almost impossible on Ocampo



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None of us do. The shop on Ocampo may send it to the manufacturer's outlet in Guadalajara if they think it is fixable. There may even be a shop or two in the tech plaza that has enough connections that repairs are doable.

We cannot get parts. There are thousands of varieties of printers, and inventory management is impossible. Printers are, for the most part, so inexpensive as to be pointless to even try and repair. Even if we could get parts, it is a labour-intensive job that would cost you more than the price of a new printer. Taking it to Guadalajara, paying for repairs, and returning to Guad to pick it up and bring it back also is a cost that is reallly not feasible.

The most a repair person can do is hook up the printer and run some basic tests. Note that half of all printer connectivity problems are because of WiFi printers that have lost their connection, for a myriad of reasons.

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