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Nursing Home Restrictions


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Good for them! Definitely the most responsible step to take. I am scheduled to go up north to see my 104 year old mom in May for Mothers Day week. If things keep getting worse--and there seems little reason to believe they won't--I will need to cancel the trip, because of the danger of picking up the virus while traveling on two flights and passing through three airports to get there. I'm not as much worried about getting sick myself as passing it on to her and her fellow residents in the facility where she lives. I talked to her about it yesterday and she understands, although she is disappointed she will not see me as planned. Hopefully, the pandemic will be over by mid-summer and I can go then, but I'm taking no chances.

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There are two errors in some of the previous posts (not just this thread). It's OHana nursing home not Obama.

And we are talking about Coronavirus not Norovirus. Norovirus is another kind that causes intestinal upset involving vomiting and diarrhea. I mentioned it to question the washing down of the Coronavirus to the stomach acidity where it would supposedly die. Bisbee gal said that theory has been debunked.

Sorry if I confused anyone.

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