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Restaurants closing?


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Manix will be putting this in this weeks paper

Manix Restaurant and Bar

#57 Ocampo, Ajijic

766-0061 or 331 065 0725 and What’s Up

For over 30 years, Manix has been a family business in our one location. We consider our customers part of our family and want to provide for them like family. In these stressful times, below are the steps we are taking. We invite your suggestions!

·      We are initiating local home delivery of our entire menu. See our Facebook page or call. We will add pizza/ hamburgers on request.

·      We are offering limited breakfast service and delivery, as listed on Facebook- scrambled eggs, pan cakes, oatmeal or fruit plate w beverage.

·      We have removed our traditional tablecloths and napkins and replaced them with disposable placemats and napkins which will be replaced for every party.

·      Staff will enhance all sanitation procedures Tables will be disinfected after each party, according to recommendations..

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Thanks to Hector for thinking in advance, and staying open while adding deliveries and a new breakfast option.  There's a reason his family has been in business so long here.  My guess is as time goes on, he will re-evaluate and make smart decisions for both his business and for the community.  

One thing being recommended for restaurants, is that they reconfigure seating so there is more space between tables (up to six feet) and limiting each table to 6 persons maximum.  Hector may want to see if he thinks these seating configurations work for Manix.  

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El Gato Feo Cafe in Ajijic is closing for now.  We wish them success in the future as they were a nice addition to the first block of Independencia off of Morelos/Colon.  They had just expanded their menu with more savory dishes like quesadillas.  It is a small coffee shop with light fare, pastries, but was busy most mornings and afternoons.  They hosted events including music but they were never loud; hope they make a come-back.  

They posted this: 

Unfortunately, with the recent turn of events, El Gato Feo Café must close its doors indefinitely. The business was on a great trajectory when we compared our numbers from last year and the previous month, but when Coronavirus started rearing its ugly head, the business took a sharp dive and we felt it necessary to put everything on pause until this passes.

We also know that El Gato Feo Café was a great meeting spot, and at any given time we would have a large number of people in the café. With that said, we needed to do our part in helping contain the virus by not offering a large gathering space to the public.

The saddest part of it all was letting our amazing staff go. You all know that most of the delight that came from the café were the smiling faces there to greet you. Ana, Chino, Liz, Yisel, Celso, Kenia and Matteo were the best employees we could have ever had the pleasure of working with.

When this tragic world event passes, we will reopen our doors and you will, hopefully, see their smiling faces again. If not, it’s because they’ve moved on to better opportunities, which would make us just as happy.

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Why on earth would anyone go to a restaurant now?  It's understandable though if they don't have a t.v., computer or family!  Yes, you could say that it's necessary to patronize the establishments to keep them open but.......if you're dead it won't matter.  My local insurance agent informed me that the only testing facility for the virus currently is at the Puerto de Hierro Hospital in Guadalajara and the cost is $5,000.00MN.  Information changes daily so that might now be out of date.  A local lab has indicated that they will soon (maybe) have the tests and the cost will be in the order of $4,500.00MN.  Expats will not be given "free" tests anywhere.  The majority of hospitals in Mexico will insist on payment for services "up front" and you will be expected to deal with your insurance yourself!  My doctor, a well known and respected medical practitioner in Guadalajara told me this past week that Mexico is unbelievably ill-prepared for what might occur and sadly the 1000's of migrants sitting south of the Mexican/U.S. border will be the first to die.  Good hearted Americans who have been crossing the border daily to help the migrants (example:  Southern California to Tijuana) could easily have no symptoms but could be carrying the virus.  Soon, nobody will care!

So, be as careful as you can.

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We eat out 7 meals a week here and have since our initial arrival in 2008.  

We will continue to eat out, IF IF IF the restaurant is following the new rules imposed on them for seating limits, table spacing, hygiene, etc.  Most of our usual haunts have outdoor patios and that would be our preference now.  We have never patronized places that draw large crowds, often when they have live music (it's not our thing).  If our favorites close their seating areas and switch to carryout or delivery, we will do that.  As this situation changes, we will re-evaluate.  

Everyone has to figure out their comfort zone with this menace.   

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Los Telares in Ajijic has a sign posted about the virus, saying they will be closed indefinitely. 

FYI, in the past few years they have been doing a lot of live music events that have attracted large crowds; when they don't have live music (and crowds) they're pretty deserted.  The new regs for congregating probably wouldn't allow for those crowds.  

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This just posted on TOB.

Here's a message from Adelitas Restaurant.

Hello Everyone
Because of the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 we are making some temporary changes...
First off we are open today and still have happy hour but no music.

1. We have decided to cancel live music for now.
2. We are limiting the restaurant to only 40 seats so that we can keep large distances between tables.
3. We have purchased industrial grade disinfectant and are spraying all tables and surfaces regularly.
4. We have anti bacterial gel at every station for both employees and clients (cash register, kitchen, busboy station and bar). Employees are instructed to use the gel every 10 minutes. The staff are now wearing mouth covers and surgical gloves.

My wife Ana and I eat in the restaurant ourselves as we are confident that we are taking every measure to limit possible exposure.

Other changes...
1. We have changed our hours to 12pm to 8pm every day (starting tomorrow, today we open at 2pm) and still closed Wednesday's.
2. We have purchased 2 thermal knapsack cases (the type Uber Eats and other delivery services use) so we can now offer home delivery from Chapala to West Ajijic. You can see the menu here https://adelitabarandgrill.com/menu/meal-delivery-food-to-go/ We plan to deliver all the hours we are open. If the delivery demand increases we may consider extending the hours and even opening 7 days, we will see.
3. We will honor our Tuesday Rib Special even for delivery! Also you can order beer, wine (bottle), and sodas.
4. The minimum order for delivery is $200 pesos but if you order $400 or more we will give a 10% discount. We have a wireless credit card machine so we can offer credit card purchases on deliveries as well.

These are crazy times, but this will pass. We are trying to support our local businesses as much as possible and hope everyone does the same!

If you have any questions just respond to this email!

See you soon!

Adelita Bar & Grill

For reservations - reply to this email or call 766-0097 or WhatsApp 332-184-4645 or online at http://www.adelitabarandgrill.com
Deliveries https://adelitabarandgrill.com/menu/meal-delivery-food-to-go/
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4500-5000 for a test? You'll soon know either way and THAT costs nothing. Pure rip off for the gullible. Stay calm, take precautions. 

Just to keep this in perspective. There have been 276,000 cases recorded around the  world (recorded). With a global population of 9billion this is comes out as a percentage of population as 3.067 e-6. A fantastically low figure. Deaths are way lower and 99.9% of cases in compromised individuals.

This does not in anyway negate the seriousness of the virus but it does begin to question the hysteria.


Taking basic precautions is all you can do. Don't go overboard.

The vast majority of us will not be affected.



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On 3/19/2020 at 4:26 PM, Xena said:

4. We have anti bacterial gel at every station for both employees and clients (cash register, kitchen, busboy station and bar). Employees are instructed to use the gel every 10 minutes.

It's a virus, not a bacteria! Antibacterial gel is not a recommended hand cleaning method for this. Thorough washing with soap and water is.

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3 hours ago, mudgirl said:

It's a virus, not a bacteria! Antibacterial gel is not a recommended hand cleaning method for this. Thorough washing with soap and water is.

Made with alcohol, the NHS, Public Health England and other health organisations worldwide have assured people that anti bacterial hand sanitisers with 60% alcohol content and above are effective against viruses, such as the new coronavirus, but emphasise soap and water is the best option.


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Most local drugstores stock denatured alcohol ( 70 % )....costs next to nothing ...fold paper towels and soak ....place in ziplock bags and take everywhere. Use after after interaction with every person , place , or thing ....place back in bag , making sure to rehydrate . After spending the last 10days  in airports and on planes etc ....we have become  very conscientious with the process and expect it to be the new norm ...at least for a while .

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