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Peso Rate Alert (Refresh)

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  8 hours ago, Jreboll said:

Dollar index has been dropping the last couple of weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if the exchange rate turns around. 

Gonna be tough to push above 20 range, a tough resistance level.


The USDMXN rate is about 20.15 (per Forex.com) at 5:20 am Lakeside, up about 3% in recent days.  This is in the context of worldwide 'financial' hysteria surrounding the spreading virus, and now a fast decline of the USD against most majors, as the Fed cuts rates but other Central Banks don't.  The Yen especially is rising. Gold, expressed in dollars, is 1684/troy oz, is perhaps now no longer a record in some currencies.  But 'exotic' currencies like the MXN and Indian Rupee are falling along with the USD.


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Right, thus the  Peso is getting whacked doubly hard by the Euro.  At 7am, USDMXN is 20.35.   (In case it isn't obvious, the reason some folks write posts like this is to implicitly suggest anyone interested hightail it to their preferred cambio.   I'm in unfamiliar Centro CDMX and have to scare up an ATM for Mr. Schwab...)

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