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The COPD medicines are available here with Spanish names.

Google Translation:

Fluticasona 250 mcg-salmeterol 50 mcg / dosis Blister en polvo para inhalación
Ipratropium 0.5 Mg-salbutamol 3 Mg (2.5 Mg Base) / 3Ml Solución de nebulización

The desiccated thyroid extract medicine - Levotiroxina in Spanish, if that is the one, I did find.


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I bet most medicines are available down here, and often much more economical than the US. I don't know about Canadian pricing.

If one of the medicines is "Levothyroxine Sodium" at a dosage of 25mg per  tablet, it is much more economical here than in Seattle.

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4 hours ago, Diane613 said:

How can I find out if these medications are available in the Ajijic area.

Np Thyroid 30 Mg Tablet

NP Thyroid is natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) derived from pig thyroid glands.

As far as I know, no NDT medications are available in Mexico. This includes NP Thyroid, Armour Thyroid, and Naturethroid from the States, and Erfa Thyroid from Canada.

Only synthetic thyroid medications are available here (like Eutirox = T4 and Cynomel = T3).

Better bring a supply of NDT from the States if you're visiting...



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Ask at a few different Farmacies. And then beware where you buy the medications. A urologist I saw last week thought part of my problem may have bee because i bought my medicine at Walmart. He said some farmacias sell products that are supposed to be the same but are actually inferior. 

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