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Chapala Warehouse as Gallery/Studio/Art School

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My warehouse in Chapala sits empty a good part of the year and I would like to see if their are arts people who have a vision but not the space. My bodega is 3200 sqft/300M2 with 5 secure skylights. It was on the market but hasnt sold so now thinking maybe the space has a higher purpose. I'm more into collaboration than rental but Im open to suggestion. An art school is one idea....gallery another. Ive been using it as a live work space since 2006. Text me in Seattle at 206.340.8881.


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No Community or group uses have come forward so I'm reconsidering the idea of individual studio rentals. Not live-in, just studio space. With 3200 sqft there is room for at least 4 studios. And Im wondering if there any printmakers out there who would committ to keeping a print making studio happening if an etching press (22x30 bed) were added to the equation.

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Interested. I am messy, a bit like a plasterer. I am a mastermold maker, which basically means I have made a lot of screwups. I have learned from the movie industry, Vancouver, and private clients.

My two exploits. Firstely I have hundreds of dry pigments to make true fresco panels which weather quite nicely outdoors, except for Seattle and Vancouver.

2 I have made a brilliant carving material made from Magnesium Oxychloride cement and a US based foam agent. My plan is to produce semi finished molded products which are then handfinished.

Both things offer a lot of teaching opportunities, but no way I Can see to make dinero.

So lets start a dialog.

Do you have photos? Can you arrange a walk through. Is the place already sold?

Gary Waller




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