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Do you file state taxes?


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Moved away from California in July 2019. I will file state and federal taxes since I lived and worked in California until then. 

Thinking about 2020. Haven’t lived in California. So next year (in 2021) I will only file federal taxes, not state of California taxes. What is your opinion on this??



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Second the notion to check with a tax advisor/attorney. As a US citizen, you have a tax domicile whether you choose one or not. It is the last place you resided/paid taxes to, unless you made a positive effort to change it. Some expats claim you don't need to pay state taxes, but it all depends on your last state of residency (tax domicile). For example, I am an Ohio resident and I pay taxes to that state. I can file an affidavit stating I don't live in Ohio anymore (and pay no taxes), but then that state has the right to revoke my driver's license, voter registration, etc.  Each state is different.

Also, even if you owe no taxes, if you ever plan to have a will probated in the US, the state where that happens will want to know where you paid taxes, or they will attach a lien against your will. Just FYI.

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i advise full timers here a lakeside, to disconnect from the state that taxes their income and save a few thousand dollars in state tax

most here use address in Texas, or other tax free state, Then just file federal tax return

When a person moves out of a taxable state you need to do a part year state tax return,  with a date on it when you moved out. to properly disconnect.


and do not take RMD or major withdrawal form your IRA to the next year Jan 1st, to avoid state tax

It all depends on your situation and type of income and what state you were in, most its a easy decision to disconnect and move.


sometimes it tales great deal of planning and can be difficult, in some cases its advisable for some people in Rare situations for certain reasons stay connected and pay the state tax.

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I'm from Oregon and don't pay state tax because I don't live in that state and don't fulfill the state residency requirements.  My mailing address is in Oregon but my tax documents come to Mexico.  I'm considered a nomad with no state residency.  I can vote in the last state in which I lived, which is Oregon but not for local issues.  Don't know if this is a state law or Fed. law.

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