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TelMex fibre in Chula Vista Norte


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A friend just had TelMex install their fibre; he's very near the top of the fracc. Getting speeds of about 22 Mbps at the modem. WiFi drops substantially a few feet away. Fortunately, I had installed a TAP-EX extender some time ago, so I reconfigured it for the new modem. Now, in a two story house seemingly made entirely of concrete, rebar, and steel, he is getting 12 Mbps in his downstairs office via WiFi from the upstairs kitchen. This brand of extender works much more like a "mesh" router, and so is better at covering large distances.

22 is not great, but it beats the minus-3 he was getting before, right at the modem when it was in his downstairs office. And it will be more than enough for his emails and his stock-market watching.

I should add, he kept his landline... TelMex is using the same Internet/landline filter/splitter for the new modem, and at no time did they suggest or offer a switch to VOIP for the phone. So I think those comments about TelMex forcing people to drop their landlines are a bit premature. Also, he uses Vonage for business, so calls from Ontario cost his clients nothing. Now, imagine a world where a Vonage VOIP phone had to plug into a TelMex VOIP outlet. First, I'm not even sure it would work. Second, when the Internet goes out, and no phone is available via VOIP, he cannot use his landline for business, thereby literally costing him money.

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