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If you get another laser printer, get an HP. They were the first. I bought one in 1989 and it lasted until 2005. No repairs, no problems. I bought a Brother and had lots of problems. Now I have another HP and it is 7 years old. No repairs and no problems.

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1 hour ago, Zeb said:

I have a Dell 3110cn laser printer.  Frequently does not recognize that it has paper or it will say there is a paper jam.  It has paper and there is no jam.

I have cleaned the rollers and still not working correctly.

Take the printer to Erica at Original Cartridge & Refill  Ocampo #32 Ajijic tel 766-1788

We have had good results from her though she sometimes has had to sent one to Guadalajara.

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16 hours ago, Zeb said:

I have a laser jet printer that is problematic.  Any recommendations for a repair person? The place in Riberas does not do that.

Ruth Papeleria on the corner of Privada Degollado and Flavio Romero in Chapala fixed my inkjet. I don`t know if they fix lasers.   

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