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LCS Notices

LCS Annual General Meeting, Thursday March 19

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LCS Annual General Meeting (AGM), Thursday March 19,
10 am-12 pm Back Grounds, present LCS card for admission
LCS service, info, membership desks and all libraries are closed until the completion of the AGM. Desks and libraries will open at noon (12pm).
Cancelled are the following activities: Write to a Prompt,Tech Class Basics, Line Dancing, Scottish Country Dancing, Ranch Adoption Day, Stretch & Balance. 
Possible delays include: Tech Help Desk, How to Draw Anything




10:00 a.m.  LCS Neill James Patio


Order of the Day




1.         Call to Order


2.         Establishment of Quorum


3.         Adoption of Agenda


4.         Adoption of Minutes

Annual General Meeting Minutes of the March 19, 2019 AGM


5.         President’s Report


6.         Ratification of 2019 Financial Report


7.         Receipt of the 2020 Budget Projections


8.         Receive Report from External Financial Auditor for 2019

& Ratify Appointment of External Auditor for 2020


9.         Ratification of Membership Categories & Dues


10.       Ratification of Reserve Fund Deposit


11.       Election of Board Officers & Directors-at-Large


12.       Granting Power of Attorney


13.       LCS 2.0

            1. Major accomplishments 2019

            2. Priorities for LCS 2.0 in 2020


13.       Adjournment

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