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Home: Rights to Family Health Insurance

Family Health Insurance

It is a health insurance that can be voluntarily incorporated by family members in Mexico or Mexicans abroad, who do not have another social security scheme.

More information about the process. Click here"

 Complete the online procedure

How does it work?

It is a health insurance that can be voluntarily incorporated by any person and their families provided that: Perform the process through IMSS Digital or in our sub-delegations [module of affiliation]. Do not have a social security scheme in another public institution. Do not have any pre-existing diseases. It is voluntarily contracted, through the conclusion of an agreement with the IMSS. The subjects covered by this insurance are the insured and their family nucleus: Spouse or concubine, Children, father and mother of the applicant for the Insurance and, Grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, cousins, children of the siblings and siblings of the parents of the insurance subject. An annual fee is covered that entitles the coverage of medical services during that period (see table). The fee is charged for each family member who joins the insurance. Start your coverage on the first day of the month immediately following your hiring. If the insured wishes to continue with their  insurance, their Renewal within 30 calendar days prior to the expiration of the calendar year."

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3 hours ago, artsnob said:

My appointment was cancelled, went on line to make new appointment, you must read Spanish, worked great, a real plus...

I have never made an appointment.

How much faster was your service in IMSS Guadalajara?  At the renewal window they call you by number. Did you not get a number at the entrance?  

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