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I am in working Visa FM3. Can I work for US remotely?

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Hi, I am an Indian and I came to Mexico in FM3 work Visa. I have 2more year valid Visa till 2022 after that I am eligible for Permanent residence. I am currently working for Mexican company. But I received a job offer from US to work remotely. Can I work from mexico for US? If so do I have to declare my taxes in both USA and Mexico? As I am in work Visa do I have any issues to work for US company?

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First of all, there is no such thing as a FM3 anymore, there hasn't been for many years- it is now a temporary resident visa.

You don't need to permission to work for a foreign (in this case US) company, if all the work is done online and you get paid to a US or other than Mexican account. As for the tax implications, you shouldn't be subject to Mexican taxes-money is taxed where it is earned, so if the US company pays to a US bank account, you would be subject to US taxes, and also perhaps taxes to another country that you may be a citizen or resident of. But those questions are best asked of a tax professional to be certain you are complying.

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If you quit working for a Mexican company then you need to change your status with SAT to inactive and then inform INM within 90 days of having done so. 

If you got your entry / work visa in to Mexico by being sponsored and quit working for that company you may be told to leave.



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