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Smog checks

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At the risk of inciting the scorn of those on the board who are tired of this question, I wonder whether there has been any clear guidance on smog checks this year and where one might get one?  Are most large dealers in Guad equipped to do the checks? (I did a search and couldn't come up with any recent posts of this issue.  Sorry if I missed something.)

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Just as a side note on corruption. In October of 2018 when I went to Chapala for my smog test there was about 7 cars in front of me. Just as it was my turn, an old pickup came in and jumped the line. After a couple of minutes it  reversed in to one of the parking spaces. My car which is a 2015 Nissan Tsuru was then tested twice. One smog sticker for me and another for the pickup. At the time it was funny but now not so much as I have to breath the current polluted air.

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