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22 hours ago, dichosalocura said:

Comex in Chapala will try to match it for you using the trial and error method, they generally get pretty close, but it is not always perfect nor computerized.  I have heard that Home Depot in Gdl has the computerized color matching, maybe others on this board can verify that.

Comex on Madero just north of Coppel does excellent work. I have high standards as a folk art furniture maker. and use them whenever I need something special or a match. You need to take somebody with you unless your Spanish can be understood.I don't go to Guadalajara or anywhere else for this sort of thing.

CORRECTION: south of Coppel.

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Computer color matching is difficult because the acrylic latex paints use very few tints, and the tints they use are the cheapest you can buy. One drop could make a difference.  

I buy professional pigments and materials from https://shop.kremerpigments.com/en/  

I have hundreds of raw colors. Kremer will send/sell paint chips.

If you are matching upholstery, they may be using dyes which commercial paint makers would never use. Kremer has appr. 1,500 colors which have never been introduced to the commercial or fine arts, mostly because of their price and rarity. The last time I looked, the most expensive was Spinel Black, a true flat black, containing one color from the entire spectrum.

correction: purest lapis lazuli still rules the price war. 

I have made lapis, turquoise and black onyz which fooled a second generation gemologist. For fun of course.

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On 1/29/2020 at 8:20 PM, peteben said:

Is there a local paint store that has computerized color matching? 

We want color to match some upholstery items.






If you hire a maestro painter they colour match by hand and you are able to see it done so that you can lighten or darken as well. A wonderful way to support local skilled trades people and keep handcrafted skills alive.

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