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Where can I buy Tempeh?


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I've been on diet for almost  6 weeks and I've lost nearly 15 lbs.  I needed to lower HbA1c to get dental implants.

I take fish, eggs, meats, dairy products, soy beans and related products such as Tofu, Natto, (mung) bean sprouts and vegetables. As you know bifidobacterium of dairy products help bowel control a lot. 

In a big city like Tokyo I  see only one kind of tempeh  on the shelf of supermarket. It might be difficult for you to find tempeh in Jalisco. You may find some nice Tofu and Nato stuff at Toyo foods in GDL.  But with regards to Nato you either love it or hate it.

I am curious about what "SOFT"(protein) stands for?

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23 hours ago, cafemediterraneo said:

the soft does not refer to the tecture ,only to the type of protein....


28 minutes ago, cafemediterraneo said:

I think soft protein means easily digestable.

I think soft protein means protein from easily digested sources. I searched for “soft protein” and found only soft food references. In Wikipedia’s entry on protein there is nothing about “soft proteins.” 

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Ukiyo-san. I am going to order some natto starter, then decide for myself. I am on a prophialiactic dose of antibiotics for the next six months, so have my gut bacteria up. I think Natto would be a hard sell around here. This video says it is one of the superfoods under reasearch.


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Hello, Chillin-San,

I hope you will like Natto!  Yes, Natto is one of superfoods and helps in preventing from forming blood clots. However, on the other hand, if you have coronary stents and/or artificial heart valves, do not take it.  In that case Vitamin K of Natto becomes contraindication to warfarin. 

If you have a chance to grab Natto product at Japanese foods store in GDL, you can utilize one or two piece of Natto beans as a form of culture to prepare Natto products.



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