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Jim Kaye R.I.P


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I was sorry to read in the GR that Jim had died on the 21st Jan

He was a was a tireless  worker for many of the charitable events at Lakeside.

Every February we used to go to Guad to renew our IMSS and each time he would share the same "strange" tales/experiences with me. Like the one which involved the police finding a shell casing in his car and was some how related to the murder of Cardinal Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo in 1993 at the Guadalajara Airport!

Sadly when he fell a couple of years back he did not have a good experience with IMSS, and after waiting hours on  a gurney decided to be transferred to a private hospital for treatment

A celebration of his life is to be announced latter


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I read the celebration of his life would be the 15th of February but where is to be announced when it is set.

The obit just skimmed much of what he did to help those in need in our community.  The YEARS he spent interviewing and translating for the Mexican parents who brought their children to the clinic looking for major  medical help from Ninos Incapacitado was barely mentioned.  It was a long term commitment that will probably never be equaled.

RIP Jim.


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