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Replacement visa

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She needs to go to the MP office to file a denuncia in order that if anything illegal is done with her ID, she won't be responsible.  Then take that paperwork to the INM office a start the process for a new Permanente.

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The drivers´ license renewal offices now sell a certification of your license that in case of loss or robbery can be replaced for 45 pesos.  Saw it yesterday at an office in GDL.  Cheap insurance for all the folks that seem to lose or have licenses stolen.










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Might be wise to wait a few days to start the rigamarole of getting new cards. I had my wallet stolen and a woman phoned me within a few hours (she found my business card with the phone number)- she and her young son had been walking through the parking lot and her son spied my wallet with the cards strewn all over- of course the small amount of cash I had in there was gone, as well as 2 debit cards, which I had to cancel and replace, but my PR card was among the cards strewn around, my Mx. driver's licence, all my cards except the debit cards. That woman was my angel. 

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