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Firing a gardner


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6 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

Pile on.

Abuse me.

Make yourselves superior.

Que bueno.

Insult my family. That's not personal. 

You are all saints. Milagro de Dios. 

Possibly there are employees who cheat, steal, etc.  So....Yes give them a reward. 

You are all the best.


 ustedes son los mejores del mundo.




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The person asked 

"What is my obligation as far as firing a gardner?

How much severance pay is required?"

And somehow it got to people suggesting how to get ride of, someone talked about stealing and off we go.

Simple question and a fair one.

Simple answer there is a office in Guad that will tell you exactly what an employee is entitled to.

You can also seek advise there if your gardner is problematic and how to deal with that.

Or you can find someone local who is an emmployment lawyer, or a Mexican who has employees who likely has the guidelines.

I mention Mexican as most of us foreiger do not know, or do not keep up with any changing law.

Grats on caring enought to ask.








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