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Walmart in SAT exchanges of clothing


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Bought 2 identical items of gym clothing at Walmart recently. Made the mistake of trying on only one item, then picked 2nd identical one off the rack without trying it on. 2nd item had exact size on outside label, but after I wore it a few days later, it didn’t fit. The inside label shows a size 2x larger. I’m unable to locate the receipt, but since the item is new, I have the outside tag/label still attached. Anyone know if Walmart in SAT will do exchanges of clothing without the receipt, but with the outside label still attached?

[Note to self: 1) try all clothing items, 2) check inside labels; 3) keep receipts]

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2 weeks ago I bought several pairs of shoes for a friend living in an Assisted Living Home and at the register, I explained that I would need to try the shoes on her to see what she liked and what fit.  She confirmed that with my receipt, I could return the ones that didn't fit or she didn't like.  I came back 2 days later, went to the service desk with the two pairs.  I exchanged one for a different size and returned the other.  She credited the $ back onto my debit card.  Very pleasant experience.


Val  :)

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