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Hair Stylist for long Layered Hair


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Nothing fancy.... Don't want a posh salon!

I have long hair below shoulders, which requires layering.  

Aim to keep my hair long, and do not want to be shortened up.

A plus (not a must):

Bonus (again, only a plus - not required) anyone who is knowledgable of hair treatments to retain durability of longer hair (eg splits/damage control).


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I've been using Rodrigo Lopez for years. My hair is short, thin and spiky but while there for my color,  I watch him cut and style other clients hair.  I've been impressed with everything I've seen him do.  His Salon, Inovation, is located on Marcos Castellanos just below the Carretera in Ajijic.  If you're walking, just start down the hill and you'll see him on your right.  He's closed on Sunday and Monday.  He usually works 10-4 and 6-8 but just give him a call at 331-512-1214 or stop by and let him take a look at your hair and see what he can do to help you.  If you're driving, be aware that M. Castellanos is an one way street heading up so you'd need to drive into Ajijic using Galeana or Colon and make a square to end up driving up to his Salon in the correct direction.

Hope this helps.

Val :)

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