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Cat needs a Forever home ...

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I am posting this  for someone else.. please contact that person, not me as the Op..

If you are  able and willing to help, please do so.. otherwise  please keep your personal opinions about the situation to yourself.. I do not know about the  person's  personal circumstances, nor do you , as they are personal to this  person.  I write this note  as this happens may times when a person asks for assistance,  and mainly gets criticized, etc.   rather than helpful  ideas or suggestions..                  I know most people are thoughful and kind hearted about another person's personal private circumstances, others not  so much.


Hi folks,

Last year a handsome, personality plus cat adopted me.  He tried my neighbor first, and that didn't work out as she has a ton of cats and dogs. It didn't take long for this smart cat to figure out I was a soft touch. Unfortunately , I have an old cat who wants nothing to do with him, my place is on the market, and I cannot take him with me when I leave in six weeks or so. I have two options--find him a home or put him down. Really, I don't want to do the latter.
His name is Boomerang (because he kept coming back to my door with this eager look on his face). He answers to Boom or Boomer.                                                                                                                      He is feline lukemia free, sterilized,  and has had shots with paper health certificate from his vet. 
He's  a bright and playful boy, affectionate, he  understands no, out, foodsie, rolly over, no bite, and how to open a sliding screen door. He is litter box trained, but is happy to pee and poop outside. He will sleep outside in a protected area with plenty of water if he has to and keep your property free of mice. He wants human affection, is talkative, and seems to really like women.  He comes with a month's supply of dry food and his own cat carrier.
His temporary human can be reached at slickrock39 at yahoo.com
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