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 I thought I would update this post with some information that might be helpful to someone.

I purchased a Panda Networks cellular signal booster which are made in Mexico. I did a lot of research and for ease and trying to keep it being purchased in the country I am a guest in I chose Panda Networks. It came from Queretaro and it came quickly.  It was $7200 pesos and well worth it. 

  Well I couldn't be happier. I live in San Nicols de Ibarra and  I was using my phone as a hotspot as well of course just regular day use with 3G and a download average of 2.0 upload .03. 

I now have 4G and a download of 75-85 mbs and 12-15 mbs upload. I can stream with NO buffering at anytime during the day or night. I have it mounted on my 2nd story roof on a 4m pole.


  I hope this may help someone as information about how effective  cellular signal boosters are is very limited.




Gris franja azul kit.jpg


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I wanted to thank JGiff for posting the info about the booster. I will be looking into it since my house faces east and I no longer get a cell signal in my house... I have to go out in the corner of my garden and stand on a retaining wall.... or set up my laptop on the hood of my car to use the hotspot. (roll eyes).

I have also sent the info to a friend just this side of Joco who also has difficulty with ANY of the usual setups.


I would appreciate a link to the source of your Panda booster purchase but will also google for it.

edited to add: Found it... https://pandanetworks.mx/


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7 hours ago, Ferret said:

I have a question. I realize that you're using a hotspot with your cell phone BUT do you have any information as to whether or not this works to increase the speed with a Telcel modem?

I have not tried it with a modem but there should not be a problem at all. The Telcel service with the modem runs on the same principle as using my phone as a hotspot. As long as you have a Telcel internet plan you could use the modem that comes with it. I plan om bringing a modem down in Sept and I am sure it should work. 

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