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Flying out with TIPs

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Hi all, first post here.. I have TIP on my motorcycle here in Mexico but I need to fly to states this weekend for a quick 1 day trip. I'd prefer not to have to drive up to USA to catch the flight.  What happens if I fly directly out of Mexico (leaving auto here).  Will that be forfeiture of the deposit and fines? 

Long term, is there a workaround to this issue?  For instance I will need to return to USA for a few days every couple months and would like to be able to fly from mexico leaving my automobile. Is there a way to leave automobile and fly directly out of Mexico without incurring fees / penalties? 

Thanks in advance for any help. This is all very confusing to me being a gringo with limited Spanish! 

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i drove into mexico on christmas day, got a tip on my car and a fmm visa for myself. flew out on the 9th of jan and back on the 11th. no problem whatsoever. im assuming you have a tourist visa. the airline check in people will tell you what to do.     i had to take my land entry 180 day fmm to immigration on north end of terminal and have it stamped and turn it in at the gate. the airline people had a stack of them in a drawer from other passengers.  a lady travelling with me flew in on the 30th of dec. the airline took her fmm when they gave her a boarding pass so she did not have anything to turn in at the gate like i did. i asked and they said it was because my fmm was from a land crossing. i got another 180 day fmm when i came back into gdl on the 11th.

i will turn both in at the border before they expire and should have my deposit back in 2 days.

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This situation has been discussed here many times.  You have NO problems with your TIP and leaving your vehicle in Mexico if you fly out, giving up your Tourist Card, flying back in later getting a new Tourist card. No fines, no loss of deposit, no fees and no drama.

You must within 180 days of the first TIP on the motorcycle remove it from Mexico BUT that is the only stipulation you have to worry about. Be sure when you cross the border with the motorcycle (within the 180 days) that you turn in/cancel the TIP at the border. Otherwise you will never be able to bring another vehicle into Mexico as they will 'think' that you already have one.... and one cannot have more than one TIP/vehicle in Mexico at a time. Keep the receipt that they give you when you turn it in 'forever'. Also turn in/cancel your Tourist Card at the same time at the same place.

Then, if you wish to come back into Mexico with the Motorcycle you will need to get another TIP and Tourist Card. I would not do a "1-minute turnaround" doing this (turn in, get another)... wait at least a shift change or the next day. There actually is no law that says you can't come right back in but some border agents might think there is and may give you a hard time.


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