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Keep your Windows 7. Do not worry.

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I just got off the phone with a very nice lady who was convinced that tomorrow (January 13) her Windows 7 computer would just stop working. Microsoft is supporting this mistaken awareness by being very fuzzy and very forceful about telling users their time is up and they need to move to Windows 10. I know that after tomorrow, they will actually be causing popup messages to appear on Windows 7 screens all around the world, with the same warning.

Be not afraid. You can continue using your Windows 7 computer until either you or your computer die. There will be no physical change tomorrow to any Windows 7 computer. In actual fact, Microsoft stopped supporting the operating system several years ago. Now, they say they are curtailing support for their security. This remains to be seen. If it is true, then either a: don't worry, because we don't get viruses anymore anyway, or b: download and install one of the many free anti-virus tools.

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10 hours ago, jguerin said:

I received 2 text and one email from Windows saying: We detected something unusual about a recent sign-in to the Microsoft account,  they want me to contact them.  I will not for sure.  Thanks Mike.

99% probability those were phishing attempts. If you respond hackers will get access to your computer.

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As CG said Win 7 will continue to work tomorrow just like it did yesterday. They just won't be issuing any security patches for any vulnerabilities they find which usually also apply to Win 8 and 10. Large organizations that don't want to upgrade can pay for continuing updates but not for individuals. The "average" user probably has nothing to worry about as the bad guys don't usually bother going after them. If you are nervous your only options are to go to 10 or switch to Apple, Chromebooks or perhaps Ubuntu. Given the average life expectancy of many of us it probably makes little sense to upgrade. If you're in your 30's you should probably bite the bullet and do it.

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