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Our dear friend. Ernesto Barron TOTALLY Bilingual grew up in Kansas and his father Demetrio, who taught him.  Many on this board use him and have given him rave reviews.  Hard worker, reliable and dependable.  Totally honest.  Has his own truck and all equipment..I will go to some of the posts about him on this board and copy them to you.  Thank you so very much for considering him.

He can give many references:  Barron's Landscaping  331 267 9364













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Here are some of the quotes from different people:


Ernesto Barron -  very responsible, hard working, knowledgeable, perfect English (grew up in the US) - a really fine young man and an excellent gardener. 331-267-9364



Ernesto Barron has an excellent gardening service in Jocotepec, Ajijic, Chapala area. On time, communicative, perfect English, reasonable rates, comes as needed to our garden. Hard-working, honest and does excellent work. Has own truck and tools. 331-267-9364.

I can't help with an apartment but I do want to highly recommend Ernesto - a good landscaper and a good guy!


We have used Ernesto for I think 6 months now - he comes every Wednesday at 9am - always on time. We had a sod project we needed done and it was held up only due to the sod not coming in, but once it came in the job was completed - we also had a large garden area that needed stone and planting - project done on time.  In our experience we have found him very reliable artsnob. Believe me if he were not we would get someone else.


Sputnik recommend this gardener and I can't say enough about him.

The name of his company is Barron Landscaping. Speaks perfect English, since he was raised in the USA, and does excellent work.  Shows up when he says he is going to and owns a truck and his own equipment.  I live in Joco and he willingly comes.   You will not be dissapointed.   

His name is Ernesto Barron  331 267 9364

He is fantastic!  Will post his info again.


April, he is at our home currently diligently working.  I do hope those in need of a gardener call him.

Good question.  He comes to us every 2 weeks now during the "rainy" season and will come once monthly during the dry season.  You will find that his is comparable to others but his work is very good.  Please give him a call and he will happily look at your space and give you a quote.

Just a brief comment. I used Ernesto Barron to clean-up my small garden, and he did a fine job. He is hard working, arrives when he says he will, and his prices are reasonable for the quality of work. I will be using him in the future, and can recommend him highly.

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