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Kitchen Door Pulls/Knobs


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There are a multitude of ways to find what you're looking for but nobody knows what your style is. The best selection that I found locally was in the Prisa store next to Intercam/Oxxo on the highway in Ajijic... but I wanted white ceramic knobs for the bathroom. THAT store also has the various lengths of flat bottomed screws needed to thread from the back of drawers or cabinets into the knob.

There is a limited selection of knobs on Amazon Mexico but the seven pages has other stuff mixed in. I put kitchen knobs into the search engine.

There are many, many choices on Amazon.com that can be shipped to Mexico but you must put in a default MEXICAN shipping address into your profile to see the "ships to Mexico" statement on each product. I use iShop's address and get deliveries there for 30 pesos.

Gone are the days when the only way you could get what you wanted was to make a physical trip NOB and shlepp stuff down in your suitcase or rely on friends to do it for you.

Happy Hunting!

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Perhaps she meant Talavera House in SAT (close to Paninos).  We have made several purchases there (kitchen and bath tiles, a mural, 4 sinks, a toilet, as well as dishware and decorative pots, etc.).  Poncho is always willing to find what you want; he goes to Dolores Hidalgo, etc. weekly and will take photos or bring samples for you.  


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On 1/7/2020 at 7:06 PM, DeborahM said:

I purchased thirty two FABULOUS hand made hand painted blue and white talavera cupboard knobs at Talaveras House in Riberas. So many BEAUTIFUL colours and designs available.


kitchen cuboard knobs.jpg

Are you talking about the store near Huerto cafe in Riberas or the one near Paninios in San Antonio

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