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Questions about flying with a dog in the cabin on Volaris

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Wondering if anyone that has flown here on Volaris with a small dog in the cabin that can tell me what your experience was exactly? My daughter is flying here on the 18th with her little dog and it will be her first time flying with him so she is very nervous about it. Any first hand experience will be greatly appreciated:-)

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Not dog, but a cat. Volaris seems to think that its role is to abuse its passengers, and especially those with pets. Read the website conditions carefully, because they will not deviate, and will lecture you on your (or her) non-compliance, and then deny your boarding. 

After working for Pan Am for 20 years, the level of arrogance of Volaris is staggering. I hope your experience is better. 

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I flew a small dog to Seattle on Volaris in the cabin...along with 7 In cargo for Bone Voyage. Volaris is very strict on paperwork, you have to sit in a window seat, not much room for your feet as the carrier will not go all the way under the seat in front of you. I was fortunate that the middle seat was empty so I moved over. The flight attendants are really good about letting you move. 

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