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How can I tell if my gas guy is ripping me off?

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On 1/2/2020 at 7:55 AM, Yo1 said:

I, and a number of others who have been here for a long time, use Juan  333 971 0630.  I've never had a problem with him, he is polite and comes when he says he will be here.

I have followed Juan to 2or3 different companies. He came by to fill up our 300 liter tank & on making change for $1,858 propane bill he short changed me when he handed me 3x20mxp. I pointed this out to him & he apologized & immediately counted out 5x20 or 100mxp. Later on recounting the monies, all 20's I realized he had overpaid us by 20mxp. I should have rec'd 142mxp I held 160mxp. I will call him & ask him to come buy the next time he is in the neighbourhood. Life is always interesting here in Chapala! To error is human, I do it constantly these days!

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Let's stay on topic and avoid any further personal commentary.  This is a general problem here and it doesn't hurt to revisit it periodically.  For example in this thread there's some very good information on remote tank guages.  

Thanks and Feliz Año Nuevo folks.


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