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Hospital San Antonio - Question


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I don't know the correct terminology, but I recently had a CT scan done there. It was not a good scan, according to the specialist, and I had to return to do it over. The techician also overruled a double specialist that he would not do a dye contrast scan unless the doctor was there. The cost is more than Guadalajara, but only a little more if you have to hire a driver and wait time. If this is a health critical scan, I would recommend Banuelos in Guadalajara as the very best. I have a contact name who is an English speaking liason.

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8 hours ago, slainte39 said:

Where did you hear it?  Neither Dr. García nor Dr. Gonzalez, both  with onsite residencies, ever told me that, and I checked on a monthly basis.

I was asking every 2 or 3 weeks directly at the entrance of the hospital that was always their answers. 

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