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Well, the population of California is a couple of million more than Canada, and about 38% are considered 'hispanic'...  The aging demographic will beat a path to quality senior services in select spots world-wide.  The zeitgeist may be informed by the subliminal realization that the USD is doomed due to financialized capitalism that needs to feed off of the endless money printing justified by both monetary and now fiscal policy.  Providers of such senior services might keep in mind that the income streams expected by such declining clients might seriously decay in coming years.

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BREAKING: California To Lose Congressional Seat For First Time In History

December 30, 2019
Karen Ashley

I guess that’s what happens when you remove illegals and dead people from the voter rolls.

Did all those celebrities move to Canada like they said they would when Trump won? Hmm…

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the diminishing population in California will lead the state to losing a congressional seat, meaning the state will lose one electoral vote for presidential elections.

Breitbart reported:

The Journal reported that California will join the cold states of the Northeast and Midwest in losing political clout:

Based on Monday’s figures, Texas is poised to gain two congressional seats, and Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina and Oregon are expected to gain one. Eight states are expected to lose one seat: California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia.

The actual reapportionment calculation will take place by December 2020, with its details worked out in 2021. Each state will redraw its legislative maps, and those that have more than one congressional seat will redraw districts as well.

The shift of political power away from the Northeast and Midwest toward the Southeast and Southwest is the result of residents flocking to states with warm weather, strong job growth, cheaper housing and, in some cases, lower taxes.



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Let's face it, if you are one of the lucky ones who rode the CA housing escalator to the max the temptation to cash in is pretty strong all on its own.  I know Canadians from Vancouver who have done exactly the same thing for the same reasons.  CA is so expensive now you really need a really big income to live there.  The state has the greatest income disparity in America.

Interestingly the price inflation here is in the cheaper properties.  The expensive ones are flat in price and slow selling.  I also think there's a tendency to downsize here as well.  It looks like the pressure on the rental market is easing some?

Perhaps some of our local Realtors would like to comment on the trends here.  

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The neat trick is to maintain small pieds-a-terre in two or three convenient garden spots around the world.  My theory is that the reason rents were so low for so long in SMA was that everybody wanted a piece of the place, but to own 'quality' more than to use, or for income.  I hope to keep my acre of redwoods on the rugged Mendocino coast, because like other parts of northern California, it's world-class beautiful and property values are a fraction of the sort of similar SoCal spots like Laguna Beach.  Actually, one reason I made an impulse purchase  of a small lot at the top of the hill in SJC is that it reminded me of Laguna Beach in terms of weather and of the Berkeley hills because the profile of Mt. Garcia is indistinguishable from that of Mt. Tamalpais looking west across the San Francisco Bay.  I don't know, but this SJC lot purchased three years ago for the price of a good used car probably has already doubled in value, given the pace of development heading west.  These are platforms for living, in some sense, and good weather, Mexican culture and fine vistas are not primarily 'investments', just as the generally high education and creativity of northern California is a great luxury, even when set in even a small postcard, like a typically tiny Parisian apartment.  (There appear to be a lot of good deals on offer in Italy, even on Lake Como, though the weather there, on paper, doesn't seem ideal...)


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22 hours ago, lakeside7 said:

Mexican Americans from California. I guess the house prices in Cal have significantly increased and with their equity and retirement benefits it is  a win win situation for them to relocate "back home"

Many of our Mexican friends used to refer to those folks as "American Mexicans". They were generally not held in high esteem...except at Christmas time when they returned with gifts for everyone. Otherwise they seemed to be regarded as something of a traitor. Obviously, those born in the US are truly Mexican Americans.

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I is way more complicaed than that.. The people I know where raised in the US and only knew of Mexico what their family told them.. They could no adapt when they got to the real Mexico.. It is a common problem all around the world amongst people who move to a country for sentimental reason , n search of their root but have been raised in a different culture...

I am French and lived i Europe until age 24 , 50 years later I would hae a terrible time moving back and I was raised there.. Imagine the people who where not raised in Meico, know little about it and decide at retirement age that it would be the place to move too.. They are not differnt from other gringos who come here and cannot adapt , even if they know the language..

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