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Rescued several weeks ago, they are now ready for a loving home. Mom, Paloma, is still a kitten herself and barely one year old (sterilized).

Figaro, Caspar, and Bibi are nearly identical, white with tiny yellow outlines around the ears, noses, and tails. All four have blue eyes.

Kittens: 1 female, 2 males (not yet sterilized, too young) apx. 3 1/2 months old.

All have their shots and tested for leukemia. They have been in very good care and are lovely. Call or write. Cell: 332 166 5863


Imports - 1 of 1.jpeg

Imports - 1 of 1 (1).jpeg

Imports - 1 of 1 (3).jpeg

Imports - 1 of 1 (5).jpeg

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Right on Mtn Mama.  As you and I know Siamese are born white and color starts to show and then deepen as they mature.  Suspect Red (  Flame) Point background due to rusty color on ear flaps of some, as well as   some color on a couple of tails.  My Toby is mostly that, with Snowshoe feet and teddy bear nose! At 2 years his rust colors have deepened a lot.

These kittens look  great!  Well done, Anita.....  and good luck finding homes for all.

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