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If you stay in a B&B or a small familial hotel you may get an answer that is not so pat but you never know.. I remember arriving in a town in Guatemala after receiving a warnng from Mexico not to travel in Guatemala and even worse Honduras.. We decided to spend the night in Guatemala rather than Honduras.. Got there., the hotel had bullet proof doors and grates.. We went out to get somethingto eat and people in pick up carried automatic weapns. When we got back we asked what was going on and were told , nothng all is tranquilo.. There are cartels so people have bodyguards but everything was ok... 

Could have fooled me.. then we had a vote whether we would go to Honduras.. we went and there the town of La Ruinas was a wonderful picture perfect  central american town.. That is where we should have stayed... You just never lnow until you get there..

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