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Two dogs need adoptions due to death of owner

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A neighbor died last week and has left a very nice old female dog and a younger and very intelligence black dog (both femaies) who need a home. One dog she rescued from the street(she is a very good guard dog) and she had adopted the elderly dog from the Ranch.

if someone is willing please pm me.



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Yes, Bibi is the younger black dog who desperately needs a home. She is a very good guard dog and very affectionate but highly strung. 

In fact 3 nights at the ranch were too much for her and I had to pick her up yesterday and take her back to the house where she lived with her owner.

The owner’s daughter has returned to the States and Bibi is alone there for now; I feed and visit her twice a day.

She will be an excellent companion for someone so I hope that she will find a home. Otherwise I’m afraid that she will be euthanized, which would be a real shame.

Pls contact me 331-350-4122


thank you

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Beebee has a foster home, but their female is not bonding well with her. It is a great improvement from being alone, but please keep passing the word that she still needs a permanent home. her foster parents can attest that she is very affectionate, house trained and obedient.

Thank you

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4 hours ago, Vivi said:

Hi y'all, I adopted BeeBee this morning.  She is wonderful.  We feel so happy, lucky and blessed.  Buen dia everybody :) ❤️


Thank you Vivi! I am so happy for you and BeeBee. She looks like an amazing companion dog. If I were younger and did not already have five mascotos I would have taken her. Blessings on both of you.

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