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Oui Oui: NYE 2020 9 course Dinner Extravaganza

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Oui Oui's NYE 2020 9 Course Dinner Extravaganza.

While Chef Raoul originally comes from Guadalajara, he worked for two decades in L.A., Chicago and Boca Raton.

He is in charge of creating this year's Great Gatsby 9 Course Dinner Extravaganza.m

Great Live Music: Black Swan with Diamonds


Last year event was meet with success, and has already been imitated but never equaled.

Reservations made with tickets purchase.

Oui-Oui is located downtown in the “Heart of Ajijic”. Plenty of safe and (real close) parking on Ajijic’s beautiful Malecon.



Great Food, Fine Wines, Full Bar & Good Live Music

Full Catering & Event Services

(376) 766-1360, Independencia # 2, Ajijic Centro

Gaby@LeClub4.com , Facebook LeClub4, www.LeClub4.com

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Au contraire mon ami.

One of the reason "Oui-Oui" (pronounced wee-wee) bears this particular name, is indeed for English speakers to remember it easily.

Having quite a lot of British guests, they usually get a kick out of it. 

It must be working since you are still talking about it ,18 months after the place opened.


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Ian: You are well placed to know that there will always be “folks” who criticize a chef/a restaurant.

Some deserved, some not and that comes with the territory.

You yourself were not and still are not immune to these type of less than flattering comments.

That did not make you change career now did it?

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I wish you luck ,this has become a tough market ,  new restaurants opening every other week ,an unskilled labour pool ,rising food costs, price constraints not too mention vastly improved competition....the list goes on .l expect quite a few will disappear this next summer

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