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33 minutes ago, ComputerGuy said:

We've always gotten along pretty well. But your comment "thicken that skin just a bit" is just as patronizing. Why would you assume my recommendations are going to be higher? that's just a completely wrong assumption. You are categorizing me as a know-nothing expat.

I do come on this board, frequently, looking for workers. Whether or not other people ask me for construction help recommendations has nothing to do with this. You ran a B&B; you know how everyone suddenly sees you as their best friend and source for all info on living here. I get it all the time. After 20 years, I've been through a few workers. (I still won't recommend anyone very often, because "no good deed goes unpunished".)

Your last statement rings very true, LOL. We seem to be talking past each other and somehow you think I'm being critical of you...I'm not. Of course you try to help people who ask for it. I'm not saying any person you recommend will necessarily be "higher". I'm simply saying that most of us non-Mexicans will never be as tuned into the local economy as local Mexicans are, period. Are there exceptions to that rule, probably so. If you are one of the exceptions congratulations and simply say so. If you do, I'll believe you. If you are you might well be the "Rony" that many expats want and need. You could very easily monetize that except for what you said about no good deed, etc. You can have the last word and if you reread my comments you'll see I was agreeing with you much of the time.  Good day.

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2 hours ago, pappysmarket said:

 I'm simply saying that most of us non-Mexicans will never be as tuned into the local economy as local Mexicans are, period.

I certainly cannot argue with that. But we have enough Ronys, I think, and I already avoid recommending people. So I will trundle along, and next time you are here, let's get together.

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On 12/4/2019 at 11:38 PM, slainte39 said:

So a few foreigners are going to spend enough money to put Mexico into the top tier of wage earner salaries?  What a laugh, they are one grain of sand on a big beach.

You see Pappy that´s why I would rather have the government collect and disburse money rather than individuals. Oh, I  know the argument you´ll put up about corruption…..but….. You can correct dishonesty but not stupidity.

Governments are lousy with money!  That whole way of thinking about them collecting and disbursing is totally a communist method.  I earned my money and I get to decide to whom it should go and how I wish to spend it.

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