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Here is the contact info I have for him:

Francisco - Miramontes Transfer
       phone (home): +52 (376) 766-1142
  phone (Francisco): +52 (333) 157-8060
   phone (LuisCell): +52 (331) 307-8289
     phone (Miguel): +52 (331) 095-2185
       phone (home): +52 (376) 766-4917
 phone (FranciscoJr): +52 (331) 303-4298
    phone ((Chema)): +52 (331) 600-5175
     address (home): Angel Flores No 22
                     Ajijic, Jalisco
               mail: miramontes-transfer@hotmail.com
              notes: Chema = Jose Miguel = cook
        attribution: Luis

I hope this is helpful.


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7 hours ago, tomgates said:

Francisco took us to the airport in late Sept. He drives people to Texas a couple times a month. I would call that active. 

Francisco seems to take only the jobs he wants, We have used Luis for several years and never had a problem. A couple of months ago I emailed Luis from Flagstaff on a Sunday and asked for a pickup next day late evening and he was there as always. The email in the above post is his.

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