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Veterinary In office blood-labs pancreatic lipase / Ultrasound

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Seeking answers to the following questions:

1)Which veterinarian offer in office labs for blood draw results, which do not have to be sent out?

2)Has anyone had a specific blood test called a canine pancreatic lipase?

3)Where have others gone for an ultrasound scan for their pet?

4)Very important, WHO HERE has had a pet accurately diagnosed lakeside (or in Guad) USING THE ABOVE TESTS AND/OR ULTRASOUND.

You may email me with your info if that is your preference.

Thank you

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Dr. Ladrón; yes; another vet in Plaza Laguna where we went initially; and I think a correct, but ultimately sad, diagnosis two years ago for our dog by Dr. Ladrón. This was after waiting for our prior vet to send out blood work to labs, which took several days each time and they brought in from Guadalajara a portable machine to do the ultrasound, all while prescribing OTC human gastro meds. Luckily we sent all the labs and scans to our Dallas vet, then went to Dr. Ladrón. Both consulted, and agreed on treatment and diagnosis. While the outcome remained the same, I wish I had started sooner at Dr. Ladrón. Our cat and (remaining) dog now are regular patients at Clínica Ladrón de Guevara. 

Coincidentally, my Dallas vet today recommended that we do--either with Dr. Ladrón or with him---a one-year ultrasound to compare last year's results to current size of his heart, which he feels has increased from a Stage 3 (last year) to a Stage 4-5 now. The cost in Dallas for the ultrasound, cardiologist's review and analysis is $500US.


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