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I hope this is for real. Chapala Haciendas 2

Eric Blair

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Two (Alleged) Chapala police officers came to the house, fresh pressed uniforms,  with a letter in English addressed to the attention of "...the foreign community." Looked very official.

Basically it said welcome and they are having their annual posada Dec. 15 & 16 and any donations of toys, drinks, etc. will be appreciated and will help the local police officers and their families.

So I gave the benefit of the doubt and gave a pesos donation.

Just information.




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I guess I live in the wrong or right neighborhood, depending how you look at it. Been living in upper Ajijic for 21 years, and never has anyone from any government organization come to the gate/door and asking for a donation for  a party..

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13 hours ago, Taaffe said:

They wouldn't dare come to six corners to ask for money, they'd be laughed out of the barrio and told their cut from the meth dealers should cover their parties.

Sometimes encouraging positive behaviour and ignoring negative behaviour does wonders in bringing  about change!

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