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Need TV repair


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2 hours ago, elevator said:

All the posts I've seen were regarding satellite problems. My Samsung TV picture will not come on, so i need a tv repairman or shop.

Perhaps a stupid question, but from where were you expecting a picture to come? 

We have a Smart TV and the picture comes, if you will, from an internet connection.

We have another basic set and without the Fire Stick or Roku, also to connect to the internet, there is no chance of a picture.

So, is your TV connected in some way- satellite, internet, or cable- that will provide you with TV content, I.E. a picture?

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If you press the ON button (try both the remote and the physical TV) and the startup screen does not appear it is most likely the power supply. Sometimes you'd hear a click indicating power up and then another click indicating shutdown.

If you get the startup but no content that's an entirely different issue and you'd need to be more specific.

If it is the power supply, the TV repair shop in San Juan Cosala should be able to install a new one.

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Thanks for the replies. I know enough about TVs to know it is something in the tv. It is not running on a satellite. Even my tv hooked up to Shaw will come on without the satellite on. I cannot find the external on button on this tv and have always located them on others. Maybe I will have to remove the stand.

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If it is the power supply and the only way to turn the TV on is the remote, you’ll hear a click when you press power when it attempts to start. The TV I had with a bad power supply had a red light indicating it was on, The red light came on with the click and then turned off with another click.

If you don’t hear or see anything when attempting to power up using the remote you might check the batteries. If that doesn’t work then a trip to the repair shop is the next step.

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