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The drive to Mazamitla

Susy Wilson

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I am sure this has been discussed previously and perhaps many times but we just drove to Mazamitla for the first time and WOW.....what a gorgeous drive! Not only is the drive amazing the village itself is very nice as well. We had our 2 ridiculous dogs with us so did not do too much exploring in the village itself but we drove to Valle de Juarez and checked out the small lake there and to Pressa El Volantin where there were lots and lots of pelicans and other water fowl. There are old rock fences that extend out into Pressa El Volantin and the pelicans just perch on the rock walls. 

If by any chance you live lakeside and have not made the drive you definitely should. If you do not have a vehicle just let me know and I would be happy to drive you:-) No charge, no gas money, just a good attitude and I would be most happy to share such a lovely drive! 

Here are a few photos I took:







colorful flags Mazamitla.jpg

Katrina in Mazamitla.jpg

IMG-0259 (1).jpg


Mazamitla sign.jpg

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We take all our visitors there so they can enjoy the spectacular scenery on the way and what a really clean and well run tourist town can look like.  It's a nice contrast to our own Pueblo Trashico, the local government is very visible out there keeping things tidy even on the weekends.  Be aware though the town is very, very busy with Mexican weekenders so it can be pretty difficult to find a place to park.  We usually take people up there during the week.

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