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Tarp covered car port

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The Home Depot portable (frame and cover) garage is around $500 USD.  I bought one some years ago, and in the direct sun, that plastic cover doesn't last very long.  A couple of years perhaps.  You could of course, buy such a product and replace the cover when it gets old, or even start off with a new, better quality fabric.

Another alternative would be to buy a cover - similar - to the ones you see the farmers using.  Metal framing, either a high grade (UV Blocking plastic (various colors), or the screen type of fabric (black or green) used to make shade but to let some light through.

You can get screens rated as blocking 60% to 90% of visible light in many of the hardware stores around lakeside. Most will have someone who can sew it into the size/shape you'd want.

Alvaro Revera 33 13 28 93 59 (speaking Spanish) has a company called MacroTuneles in Jocotepec.  They are located on the west side of Joco, near the Guadalajara/Morelia Hwy.

They build covers for a living, for farmers and smaller applications, and have higher quality, longer lasting fabrics, including  95% light block screen.

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I built one for myself (4 x 6 mtrs.) and had a custom tarp to fit my steel "A" frame made by the guys that do truck tarps at the Abastos market in GDL.  Cost was $5000 pesos and fit perfectly.  It has been up for two years and still looks new.  Their shop is on the west side of the Pemex station in the market area.  Wide selection of colours and material types available.

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